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Professional proofreading and editing

Whether you are writing a business strategy, research paper, or book, you must ensure that the language is readable and error-free using appropriate proofreading and editing services in Indonesia. You may have peace of mind knowing that your material is in excellent hands and is on its way to being published, presented, or improved in quality. Finding the appropriate person to edit your content is contingent upon locating the service that best meets your requirements. There is no shortage of possibilities available to you in Indonesia. Due to the availability of online information, determining whom to trust and which sources to rely on can be challenging. The good news is that you may access high-quality information from various trustworthy and dependable sources.

Expartsay is a global proofreading and editing company that serves clients globally with written work of the highest quality. Our service is now offered in Indonesia, and we are exploring opportunities to roll it out in more countries in the future. Our mission is to give clients writing, editing, and translation services of great caliber at affordable prices. Text correction, formatting, and rewriting are just a few of the services we provide to our existing and future customers to ensure satisfaction. We also provide custom writing services, such as articles and blog entries for your website or publication.

About Expartsay

Since its inception, Expartsay has been dedicated to offering quality editing and proofreading services to students, scholars, and others. We have developed a staff of editors who can guarantee academic achievement worldwide throughout the years. Our experts can answer all questions about editing and proofreading. In addition, you may rely on us to make your documents even better by utilizing our first-rate services. College essay and coaching, proofreading and editing, plagiarism detection, a knowledge base, and a citation generator are all available to you through this site. Proofreading and editing your essays, dissertations, and other academic works is easy when you work with our editors.

Our Proofreading And Editing Services

Academic Editing

Staying at the top of the academic heap is always a challenge and required much input. The chances of getting published in professional journals can be increased if you use expert academic editing services. Our professionals can handle citations and references formatting, saving you valuable time and effort. Nonetheless, the writing style, structure, clarity, and tone will all benefit from the expertise of our editors. Let us assist you in conveying your thoughts clearly and concisely. If you see any mistakes in your work, our editors will help you fix them and advise how to improve them. Even if you’re writing humanities, or social sciences, we have editors who can help.

What You Receive From Our Academic Editing

Academic Proofreading

Using the services of a competent academic proofreader can help your work reach its full potential and improve your chances of publication in specialized journals. To guarantee that your work is not rejected because of minor errors, we have academic proofreaders on staff that specialize in finding and fixing typos, grammar errors, and misspellings in academic writing. If your final manuscript isn’t proofread, it’s not truly “final.” You can’t always count on a coworker to do you a favor by reading your document. Please give us a chance to assist you.

Business Editing and Proofreading

When you’re in the corporate/business world, time is money. You already have enough on the plate without worrying about checking or updating memos, reports, presentations, manuals, or other important but time-consuming papers. On the other hand, you want to be known for your ideas rather than blunders. Sending a crucial communication to the public with a single error might have fatal results. You never know who’s keeping track of the tiniest details, we call them ‘nitty gritties”. For your needs, Business Editing is the ideal solution. We’ll help you build and maintain a professional reputation by providing the greatest editing services for your Company. Your hidden weapon does not have to be your support staff or a slow Secretary. You’ll save time and money by taking advantage of our speedy order processing. If you wish to focus on important business areas, let us handle the little things.

Personal Document Proofreading

When first impressions matter to you, Expartsay ensures they are positive. Amidst status updates and instant messaging, contemporary life gives little formal, human communication possibilities. However, when it is time to become serious, you will want to do things correctly. Please bring it to us first, whether a résumé, cover letter, letter of complaint, or even a birth announcement. Our professional editors will verify your final work for typographical, grammatical, and spelling issues, and you will receive credit for being a meticulous writer.

What You Get

Thesis Or Dissertation Proofreading And Editing

Graduate school success sometimes hinges on the presence of an English language pro on your team. The supervisor might not have time to help you with language issues; most advisers barely have time to assist you with research questions. Expartsay will edit your paper for style, organization, word choice, conciseness, and clarity and demonstrate additional support for your ideas and offer constructive feedback. We will also edit your spelling, grammar, and typographical issues, leaving you to concentrate on producing excellent content. We have knowledgeable editors in every academic discipline that have participated in numerous scholarly projects. Types of documents applied for this service include;

Editing Work Applications

Many job applicants find it more difficult to write effective cover letters and resumes as shortened language and text messaging become more prevalent. It’s not easy to avoid having your CV thrown away. Expartsay editors meticulously proofread each resume and cover letter for spelling, language, punctuation, and structural problems.

Book Editing

Whether you want to add poetry, history, screenplay, best-selling science-fiction novels, or anything else on your author’s list, our skilled editors are here to help. The editors arrange ideas, fix any writing problems, provide significant comments on your manuscripts, and return an easy-to-read and thoroughly edited book to you.

Blog Editing (Ensure That Your Blog Says Exactly What You Intend It To Say)

While Internet blogging is fast-paced, you may not have time to sit back and revise your work to make sure it is clear what you are saying. Spelling mistakes and unintentional messages can quickly become viral, causing damage to your internet reputation. Our blog editors are here to help. As a result, we’ll edit your blog post to ensure that it’s free of grammatical errors and that you’re conveying your thoughts clearly and concisely.

Other Services

Affordable, Non-Plagiarized Essays

Our proofreading and editing services begin with word selection to improve readability, coherence, and idea flow. Our editors are skilled at detecting and eliminating instances of plagiarism. We also have our software built to spot instances of plagiarism in finished papers and web sources. Consequently, we will guarantee that your work is original.

Guaranteed Money-Back

Our goal is to provide consumers with excellent proofreading and editing services that exceed their expectations. Therefore, each paying consumer obtains expert services. You may request a revision or a refund if you are not satisfied with the document. There are numerous reasons why you may not be satisfied with your order. If we honestly fall short of your expectations, we will give a refund. You may also request a free revision if your work contains minor inconsistencies. We provide a refund guarantee. You can also reach our support team via phone or online chat.


Everyone on our team knows the value of promptness. To offer you the necessary support promptly, everyone in our organization is aware of their responsibilities and responds immediately to them. However, if you inform our team of the paper’s urgency, it will be delivered on time. We help students with essays, research papers, term papers, speeches, book reports, etc.

Our simple Proofreading and Editing steps

Every step you need to take in proofreading your documents can be guided and simplified with the help of our tools and strategies.

Upload Your Document

Select the document pages that require editing after successfully uploading it. Choose the necessary services and decide the delivery date after making your selections. The delivery time can range from 24 hours to 7 days. Describe the scope and specifics of the research, and any applicable guidelines from your advisor. After you have paid for the order, our staff will take over from there.

Our Duty

Our team will select a qualified and appropriate editor for your research area and the purchase parameters. The editor will work on your paper using the Track Changes feature of Word and follow the best improvement models. Following the initial round of editing, your document will go through the second round of editing to ensure quality before it is delivered. Later, one of our team members will get in touch with you by email or SMS to ensure that the deadline is met.

Final touches

The alterations made during editing will stand for your perusal and reference. Our team is ready 24/7 to respond to inquiries and concerns through mail, chat, or text message. You are more than welcome to share your feedback with our editors regarding the experience. We ensure all problems are addressed, and your suggestions will be considered. After a year, we will erase your papers to protect the confidentiality of their information. On the other hand, you can erase them whenever it suits you.

The Criteria used to choose an editor to proofread a document?

We have editors who are professionals in over 50 different academic fields, giving us access to various academic expertise. With this solid basis of actual expertise (and, in most cases, extremely substantial editing experience), we can confidently entrust documents to editors who understand the topic and field of the work they are editing. Following the receipt order, the editing manager will access each file to conduct an in-depth analysis of its contents. After that, it is sent to the editor on our team who has the most pertinent experience and qualifications about the work topic or. Although we promise that your editor will be skilled in that field, we cannot always guarantee that they will be an expert in the topic’s subfield or have a thorough understanding of current research in the field. We think there is no substitute for having in-depth knowledge of a subject and that effective composition and communication fundamentals are the same across all academic fields.

Editing Vs. Proofreading

The editing process entails a professional editor making adjustments and offering ideas that will improve the standard of your work, especially in terms of terminology use and expression. After editing, the work will be a precise and consistent, clear expression, and the general readability of your work will be improved. The editing process ensures that the work creates the idea that you are proficient in English, even if you are not. On the other hand, proofreading has fewer goals than editing and is a less expensive service, but it still serves an important purpose. Proofreading is fixing grammatical, spelling, punctuation, and other linguistic faults in writing.

The Documents We Edit

Upgrade To Premium

Premium services are also available at Expartsay in Indonesia to offer our clients more advanced and reliable services. People expect error-free, high-quality writing, in which ideas should be presented clearly and concisely. It is possible for your writing to reach a level of polish, precision, and professionalism with the help of our professional proofreaders. A business document, essay, proposal, or manuscript can benefit from our editing services. Let us see how this works.

Two Proofreaders

To ensure that every piece is free of errors, we have two professional proofreaders go over each one to ensure perfection. To guarantee the highest level of accuracy, we offer a premium proofreading service.

Priority Shipping

We can meet your deadline for a reasonable fee if you need a document by tomorrow morning. Three hundred sixty-five days a year, expartsay is open around the clock.

Providers of All Kinds

When it comes to polishing their written work to make it look its best, writers of all levels rely on our editing services. APA, Chicago, CSE, or MLA are the standard writing styles for academic editing.

Ease of Use

Uploading a document is as simple as a few mouse clicks. Then, leave the rest to our team of experts. The final product will be sent to you for a review.

We guarantee 100% customer happiness.

If any job done does not match your expectations reach out to us and we will do everything we can to make it right or give you a partial or full refund. A minimum of two of our highly competent employees proofread every document in our office. If you are looking for the best proofreading service, you cannot go wrong with a two-professor model.


Writing and sharing one’s opinions with the world is widespread. However, individuals still need to enhance their writing so that their ideas are more easily comprehended. Having your writing proofread and edited by a third party is one technique to do this. Today, we are extending our services to the people of Indonesia to improve their writing and academic performance. Both online and offline versions of our services are available. We have a website and a team of experienced editors and proofreaders who will help you improve your writing regardless of your experience or background. Please feel free to contact us if you require assistance in English, Bahasa Indonesia, or any other language.