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Personal Statement

What We Offer In Personal Statement

  • Amendments and recommendations to enhance readability, organization, and coherence
  • Changes are tracked so that you may go back and see what was changed and by whom.
  • A revised version of the manuscript free of spelling, grammatical, and typographical errors
  • Review of any remaining questions or concerns
  • Just a quick rundown of what’s been accomplished and the main issues so far

What we Guarantee You

Expert Editorial Staff

Members of our editorial staff hold advanced degrees (PhDs and MAs) in various fields. Additionally, we have edited thousands of academic papers. As such, you can trust that we will hold your work to the rigorous standards expected in the academic world and improve it to the fullest extent of our abilities. We’ll find you the ideal editor, whether you’re a specialist in art history, biology, or politics.​

Referencing Expertise

We have specialists in many citation formats and styles here, such as AMA, APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, Vancouver, and IEEE. However, we can verify the accuracy of your citations and references in any format and advise you of any missing details. To find out more, check out our references page.


If you need a paper returned within 24 hours, we can achieve that for you, and our Next-Day Guarantee covers documents up to 10,000 words in length.

Publication Support

Our publication support services provide access to seasoned professionals for advice throughout the publishing process. To help you polish your book before submission, we’ll have a panel of experts read it through and offer feedback.

What are Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Academic Proofreading And Editing

How Is My Order’s Pricing Determined?
After carefully reviewing your assignment needs, our support team will deliver the appropriate quote. We understand that most students have limited financial resources. We provide cheap and high-quality services. If a price cut is something you’re interested in, we’re happy to discuss it with you. Let that not be the reason for not trying our academic proofreading and editing.
What If I’m Not Satisfied?
We promise timely and high-quality service. They’ll have all the right citations and references and be original. Customers always have the option to ask for a revision if they receive a subpar document. As always, we’re happy to make any necessary changes at no additional charge. Check out our policy on updates for more details
Can I Get A Discount From You?
Yes. Both first-time and frequent customers can take advantage of our generous savings offers. We have various discounts available for new customers, large orders, repeat customers, and referrals.
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