Types of Editing We Offer

If you are a writer in need of a grammar check before journal submission, English Proofreading is just what you need. Get professional English proofreading at Expartsay. Hire the best editors, copy editors, and proofreaders.

Substantive editing is a service available to authors who wish to have their works published in prestigious, internationally peer-reviewed journals. When using this service, authors can have their work edited thoroughly to ensure it is of the highest possible subject matter and linguistic quality. Substantive editing encompasses all of the services listed under Copy editing and goes much deeper into the manuscript’s reasoning, organization, and presentation.

 This is for you if you’re a quality-minded writer who needs a comprehensive language check on your manuscript. The Copy editing service ensures that any papers submitted to them are devoid of typos, grammatical problems, and punctuation faults. Along with formatting, authors also have their writings styled and checked for uniformity.

After the pages have been laid out and edited, the designer will generate page proofs for you to review. This is called English Proofreading. A proofreader looks for other issues besides copy editing problems. Headers, subheads, page numbers, line breaks, page breaks, cross-references, table and artwork arrangement, and so on are some of the design aspects a proofreader looks at to ensure accuracy and uniformity.


What our Editors Do

Our editors do Editing and Proofreading, Checking for Coherence and Structure, and Making Sure Everything Is Clear. Choose our expert proofreading and editing service, and a trained editor will correct all the grammar, spelling, and formatting mistakes in your dissertation, thesis, paper, or other academic work. Your letter of improvement will focus on helping you identify and fix your most common areas of error. In addition, the Clarity Check will provide you with tips on how to make your writing clearer and more captivating. In contrast, the Structure Check will provide feedback on your document’s structure and organization. Below is a summary;

The Steps Involved In English Proofreading

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Based on your chosen subject of study and other specifications, we will select your project’s most qualified English editor (or editors).

Turn In Your Assignments On Time

Confidentiality is assured, and your deadline will be met. You will be notified by email and text message as soon as your Editor is done.

What are Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Academic Proofreading And Editing

How Is My Order’s Pricing Determined?
After carefully reviewing your assignment needs, our support team will deliver the appropriate quote. We understand that most students have limited financial resources. We provide cheap and high-quality services. If a price cut is something you’re interested in, we’re happy to discuss it with you. Let that not be the reason for not trying our academic proofreading and editing.
What If I’m Not Satisfied?
We promise timely and high-quality service. They’ll have all the right citations and references and be original. Customers always have the option to ask for a revision if they receive a subpar document. As always, we’re happy to make any necessary changes at no additional charge. Check out our policy on updates for more details
Can I Get A Discount From You?
Yes. Both first-time and frequent customers can take advantage of our generous savings offers. We have various discounts available for new customers, large orders, repeat customers, and referrals.
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