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Meet The Team

A Small But Mighty Team

Dr. Hannah Njeri

Medical Doctor

Dr. Hannah Njeri, MBChB (Nairobi), M.Med. (Nairobi) has been well recognized as a leading doctor in matters Clinical Medicine.

Elizabeth Sofia

Sex Therapist

Consultant on matters relating to sex and sexuality in addition to general mental health and well being.

Robert Wadia

Software Developer

A specialist in building software applications, and doing whatever it takes to help startups achieve their goals.

Elizabeth Kawala


Dr. Kawala is a Licensed Kenyan based Psychologist specializing in child and family psychology .

Dr. Hannah Saini


Dr. Saini decade in medicine and dermatology was molded as she began her career in the Office of the US Surgeon General.

Diana Were


Dr. Diana Were,M.Econ (KU), B.Econ (UoN), CPS (KASNEB) has been well recognized as a leading doctor in matters health & lifestyle .

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If you want your scientific research papers, academic essays,  dissertation, term papers, articles and blog posts, web content, and novels to be professionally edited, Feel free to place an order. You will be matched with an expert who will carefully edit your work and provide comprehensive feedback.

These experts will check spelling, grammar, syntax, and punctuation for basic editing and ensure that your document is easy to read, concise, and professional. Do you need deep proofreading and editing services? At Expartsay, we accept all editable documents.

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The first version of my work was not that good, because the writer was not attentive to my requirements. As a result, I had to request a free revision, and the final result was absolutely outstanding. Now I see they can be professional, when they want.

Jassie Statistics, Canada

If you are stressed like me because of numerous essays and dissertations, then you will definitely find somebody here to help you. I ordered four different papers for four different subjects, and they were all finished in 48 hours. That's hilarious!

Shams W.Pawel English, New York

The best thing about your service is that, when you tell me how much I will have to pay, this is how I actually pay. You never change your promises, and you don/'t seem to include any hidden fees, which I definitely hate.

Austin Mathematician, Virginia

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